How demographic and socio-economic developments are changing the most populous continent on Earth


By Ruth Müller, Theresa Damm and Reiner Klingholz


Asia, with its more than four billion inhabitants, will soon become the world's largest market. However, the fifty countries differ considerably regarding their potentials. This study clusters them into six groups with similar characteristics regarding population, living conditions, economics, politics and the environment. Twenty states are analysed in separate chapters.


Selected Figures

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to view the full English version of the study. The study “Asia's Second Leap Forwards” was commissioned by the GfK Verein. The GfK Verein is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of marketing research.

A contested issue

The rise in international opposition to the right to sexual self-determination

Destination Europe?

The future of global migration

Africa’s Demographic Trailblazers

How falling fertility rates accelerate development

From Land of Famine to Land of Hope

Will Ethiopia Become a Model for an African Upswing?