Where labour is distributed equitably


Surveys indicate that the Danes are especially happy
people — and have been for more 25 years.40 On the
world “Happiness Index”, they rank second, after


Why is that? Certainly not because of Europe’s highest
tax rates, a uniform VAT of 25 per cent, or a luxury tax
of up to 100 per cent on purchases of cars, cigarettes,
and alcohol. Nor is the relatively low life expectancy of
Danes any reason to be happy. At 77.9 years, it is below
the EU average, a fact due, among other things, to high
alcohol and tobacco consumption in Denmark. Other
Scandinavians grow older: 78.9 years in Finland, and
Sweden even 80.6 years. Indeed, even their immediate
neighbours to the south, the Germans, live 1.1 years




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