Excerpt: Education

An ageing society’s most important capital


The television show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” is
one of the world’s most successful quiz show formats. It
is now broadcast in 99 countries throughout the world,
reaching high audience ratings nearly everywhere it is
shown. The show, first broadcast in 1989 by the British
ITV, tests the knowledge of candidates, who work their
way up through various winnings to reach the jackpot
stage. If a candidate correctly answers all of the questions,
he or she stands to win a jackpot of millions.


Very few Europeans get rich this way. For the factual
knowledge required to win is not particularly relevant
to success in working life. Today what counts is to be
able to distinguish between relevant and unimportant
matters, to be able to navigate through the global
infor mation flood, to categorize and evaluate concrete
information, and to be able to apply acquired knowledge
when it comes to dealing with concrete issues and tasks.




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