The Economic and Demographic Potential of Africa’s Threshold Nations


By Steffen Kröhnert, Simon Müller, Florian Sievers, and Reiner Klingholz


Full Study (English)

Full Study (German)

Africa has long been associated with poverty, droughts and wars. Yet, many African countries exhibit comparatively high economic growth rates nowadays. At the same time, Africa’s population is expected to double by 2050. Whether the continent will succeed in achieving the long-awaited leap forward also depends on people’s ability to climb out of poverty and become part of the middle class. The Berlin Institute analyses which problems African states have overcome so far in this manner and identifies challenges ahead. Five country chapters present the beacons of hope.


Selected Figures

Click here to view the full English version of the study. The study “Five Lions Poised to Leap?” was commissioned by the GfK Verein. The GfK Verein is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of marketing research.

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