How Consumer Structure between Madrid and Moscow Is Changing


By Vera Kreuter, Ruth Müller, Florian Sievert, Reiner Klingholz


Full Study (English)

Abstract (German)


The consumer behaviour of a population depends on a whole series of factors. Information about consumer structure and predicted future trends helps companies to decide which products to develop and which regions to invest in. This study investigates how consumer structure is changing in the 49 regions of eight European countries - from southern Spain to the Russian Far East. The current distribution of lifeworlds is outlined as well as how their structure is likely to change by 2025.


Selected Figures

Click here to view the full English version of the study. The study "Lifeworlds in Europe: How Consumer Structure between Madrid and Moscow Is Changing" was commissioned by the GfK Verein. The GfK Verein is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of marketing research.

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