How households are changing worldwide


By Steffen Kröhnert, Vera Kreuter, Ruth Müller, Manuel Slupina, Ulrike Berger, Reiner Klingholz

Prevailing household sizes and forms in a given country are closely related to the economic, social and demographic development of its society. Besides, households are central to economic analyses as they shape financial resources and consumer decisions. In its study "Under One Roof", the Berlin-Institute examines the factors determining the size and composition of households as well as the ways in which forms of living around the world are likely to change until 2030.


Selected Figures

Click here to view the full English version of the study. The study “Under One Roof. How households are changing worldwide” was commissioned by the GfK Verein. The GfK Verein is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of marketing research.



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