A contested issue

The rise in international opposition to the right to sexual self-determination

Destination Europe?

The future of global migration

Africa’s Demographic Trailblazers

How falling fertility rates accelerate development

From Land of Famine to Land of Hope

Will Ethiopia Become a Model for an African Upswing?

Food, Jobs and Sustainability

What African Agriculture Needs to Achieve

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Is economic growth over?

Why state, citizen and business may be facing a new normal

Europe's Demographic Future

Where the Regions Are Heading after a Decade of Crises

A Long Lifespan, but Not for All

How social divisions affect life expectancy

America - The Rise to Prosperity and Missed Opportunities

Demographic and Economic Development in the New World

MENA: A Region in Crisis

The influence of demographic change on developments in the Middle East and North Africa, and what this means for Europe

Consequential omissions

How demography shapes development - Lessons from the MDGs for the SDGs

Asia's Second Leap Forwards

How demographic and socio-economic developments are changing the most populous continent on Earth

Crisis on Europe’s southern borders

What factors will influence migration across the Mediterranian today an in the future? (2014)

Leading on Points

What Germany can learn from Canada's immigration and integration policy (2014)

Allowing Diversity

What population decline means for public service provision in rural regions (2013)

Under one Roof

How households are changing worldwide

Lifeworlds in Europe

How Consumer Structure between Madrid and Moscow Is Changing (2012)

Five Lions Poised to Leap?

The economic and demographic potential of Africa's emerging nations (2012)

The Growth Trilemma

Population Growth, Energy Consumption and Climate Change - Three Problems, No Solution? (2012)

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Old but happy

Does a shrinking and ageing population lead to lower welfare? (2012)

The Future of Germany's Villages

Between stability and demographic decline (2011)

State of the World Population

Poster (2011)

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Africa's Demographic Challenges

How a young population can make development possible (2011)

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The Waning World Power

The demographic future of Russia an the other Soviet successor states (2011)

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The Demographic State of the Nation

How voluntary work aids the regions (2011)

Lifeworlds 2025

How Consumer Structure Is Changing in the Regions (2011)

Greater Opportunities for School Students

How scholarship programmes can identify and assist gifted and talented children (2011)

Dementia Report

How the regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland could prepare for the aging of the society (2011)

The Challenges of Growth

Population dynamics – The forgotten issue of development policy (2010)

Faith, Power and Children

Are religious people with large offspring conquering the world? (2010)

Unutilised Potentials

On the Current State of Integration in Germany (2009)

Elderly and Disabled

How Demographic Change Influences the Lives of Disabled People (2009)

Unequal Neighbours

Germany and France follow very different demographic trajectories - with significant long term consequences (2009)

Small Successes

Even though there has been less offspring in Germany in 2008, Germans tend to have more children than before – especially in the eastern part of the country (2009)

Region with a Bright View

Lessons from the economic and demographic successes of the Oldenburger Münsterland (2009)

Europe's Demographic Future

Growing Regional Imbalances (2008)

Emancipation or Child Benefits?

What Germany’s new family policy has learned from other European countries (2008)

Men in Crisis

From the Working Class to the New Underclass? (2007)

Talent, Technology and Tolerance

Where Germany´s potentials lies (2007)

Unintentionally Childless

How can moderne medicine counter Germany's low birth rates? (2007)

The Demographic State of the Nation

How sustainable are Germany’s regions? (2006)

The Berlin Institute for Population and Development is an independent think tank that researches questions about regional and global demographic changes. The institute was founded in 2000 as a non-profit foundation and has the task to raise awareness about demographic change, promote sustainable development, contribute new ideas to the policy field, and form concepts for solutions to demographic and development policy problems.

The Berlin Institute creates studies, discussion and background papers, prepares scientific information for the political decision-making process, and organises the "Online-Handbook Demography".



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A contested issue

The rise in international opposition to the right to sexual self-determination

Destination Europe?

The future of global migration

Africa’s Demographic Trailblazers

How falling fertility rates accelerate development