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Today 8 billion people live on our planet – more than ever before. While the pace of population growth has already slowed down substantially in some areas of the world like Western Europe or East Asia, in other regions, including in parts of Africa, the population will continue growing at a rapid pace until at least 2050. The challenges accompanying these population-level demographic changes are as diverse as individual people are.

High-income countries like Germany that face an ageing and shrinking population must find solutions to finance their social protection systems and address a shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, low- and middle-income countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo or Pakistan with a rapidly growing population are struggling to meet people’s basic needs – from safe drinking water to education and jobs. 

Demography is not just relevant for politicians and social scientists but affects each and every one of us. How will I live in old age? What happens when the baby boomers retire? How can cash transfers facilitate the demographic transition in sub-Saharan Africa? What is the status of women’s bodily autonomy worldwide and what can we do?

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At the Berlin Institute, we raise awareness about demographic changes, introduce new ideas to political debates and develop evidence-based solutions to meet diverse demographic challenges in Germany and around the globe. Our studies and policy papers are freely available on our website for politicians, journalists and anyone with an interest in current demographic challenges and solutions.

We are a non-profit organization and do not receive any public institutional funding. With your support, we can maintain our independence and the quality of our work.

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