Food for Thought Paper 6

Climate Resilience for Demographic Dividend(s)

Due to the climate crisis extreme weather events such as heat waves, heavy rainfalls, hurricanes, droughts, and other natural disasters increase. This threatens the livelihoods and well-being of populations across the globe and hamper sociodemographic development. The consequences of climate change are particularly devastating for poor countries with limited resources and growing populations as they face even greater challenges to sufficiently provide for their populations, when clinics, schools or crops are destroyed in the wake of climate disasters. To better mitigate the impacts of climate change and facilitate demographic transition, it is necessary to increase the ability of everyone – particularly of key populations such as women, youth, and migrants – to better cope with climate risks and strengthen their resilience. The sixth Food for Thought Paper “Climate Resilience for Demographic Dividend(s)” sheds light on these issues with illustrative examples.

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