Food for Thought Paper 4

Accelerating Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Demographic Dividend(s)

Adolescents who are able to stay healthy and able to uphold their rights hold enormous potential for the demographic and socioeconomic development of a country. They can do better in school and acquire the skills to live a productive and fulfilling life. However, basic sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information, goods and services remain out of reach for many adolescents around the world. Particularly girls and young women cannot decide freely whether, when and with whom to have sex with or enter into a relationship with. They cannot avoid or delay pregnancies even if they want to – because health facilities are not close by or modern methods of family planning are difficult to access for minors. The fourth Food for Thought Paper focuses on how to overcome global barriers to SRHR information and services for adolescents. It outlines recommendations how to adapt SRHR to the distinct needs of young populations and provides a set of good practice examples. A particular focus is placed on the needs of girls and young women. 

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