How we work

Demographic change poses major challenges for societies around the world. A growing number of countries face ageing – some even declining – populations. This is the case in parts of Europe and East and South-East Asia. In contrast, other regions are experiencing rapid population growth, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. There, sustainable economic development and targeted investments in healthcare, nutrition, education and other areas are required to improve living conditions and at the same time shape the demographic transition. Countries should invest in their populations and provide employment opportunities for growing youth populations.

We conduct demographic research, provide practical examples and offer recommendations on important aspects of regional and global demographics.

We translate and generate ideas. This is what we are about:

Conveying ideas

With our in-depth research and clearly-written reports, we get to the heart of complex demographic issues and demonstrate why they are relevant for everyday life.

Raising awareness

Our public relations and research deal with issues concerning demographic change that are often neglected in public debate. We thereby help prepare society for necessary reforms.

Proposing solutions

We analyse scientific information concisely to support political decision-making. With our concepts and strategies, we provide clear policy advice for sustainable development. As an “idea scout”, we provide practical examples to share knowledge effectively.

Enabling change

Our contributions to public debate facilitate discourse on demographic change, thereby encouraging politicians to initiate long-term reforms.

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